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Girl Power-Surge Camp!!

  • St. Alban's Parish Hall 1501 Washington Avenue Albany, CA 94706 (map)

One wonderful week of AWESOME: July 18-22, 2016

This girl-centric camp creates time and space to find out what it means to be a powerful girl in the world today. How do we do it? We talk in sacred circle, do kid specific yoga, dance and craft our way into our shiniest girl-selves. During this quality girl time, we practice earth-honoring rituals that connect us to our Mother Earth and to each other. 

Kindness is always our theme for the week...kindness and serious fun! We dance every day – this year focusing on hula - and we will have a small performance/celebration on the final Friday to show parents and friends the inner joy of our Power-Surge girl-ness! 

Taught by Jnana Gowan, Director Powerhouse Education & Freesia Huth- dance specialist.

More info: or call 510-734-4122

M-F 8:50-3:30

Age range 5-12

Early-bird and late care available upon request ($10 per hour)

$375 per week 

More about this joyful camp:

In this fun & enriching camp we join together as tribal members of planet earth to investigate the ways the earth keeps us alive and kicking, and in turn how we may take care of her. At Girl Power-Surge Camp we cultivate a reverence for the natural world and an appreciation for the wonders of our bodies.  We look deeper into urban culture to see that the natural world is with us at all times.

Through yoga exercises – we keep our feet on the ground and stay connected to our bodies and we’ll learn earth-balancing meditations to focus our minds. Some of our activities will include crafts made of things from nature or recycled items, drumming & rattle time to connect to the earth’s heart beat, connecting with power animals and more. We will learn about the power of sacred circles, what it means to be keepers of planet earth, and the importance of taking care of all living things...and we’ll have a really good time doing it!


We have a daily routine of yoga & dance everyday. Both are taught by specialists designed specifically for kids. In morning circle we plan our day discuss what it means to be a powerful kid in the world.  Then off for an urban adventure – and back a bit later, usually for a cool craft.

Our past urban adventures include: visiting local parks, Pilgrimage to Indian Rock, Adventure Playground, splashing around by the Bay…and more.

Kindness is always the theme of the week - kindness to one another, to each other and to the planet.  Each day we embark on a new adventure with these intentions in our minds and hearts.  Through kindness we can create a ripple of change that can impact the world. 

Girl Power-Surge Camp!
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