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Earth Stewardship for Kids

Connecting to the Earth during these media-centric times is an important key to staying grounded. Powerhouse Education provides a place where kids connect more to the earth & their inner truth. We do this with yoga, earth honoring activities and creativity. 

Kids dive into the natural world through personal exploration and learn to care for the earth by participating in ancient traditions with song, dance and more. These experiences create a deeper appreciation for the world and a desire to "keep it green".


Community Ritual & Healing

At Powerhouse, we believe that there is no greater teacher than the Earth herself, and through our programs we cultivate a deeper reverence for the planet so each person may experience this for his/herself. . It is our intention to integrate urban culture with the natural world, we do this by creating earth-honoring ritual and ceremony.   By doing this work, the participant may experience a greater sense of wholeness.

                                              Private Healing & Yoga 

It is my desire to balance the children's programs with a healing arts practice for adults. If you are out of balance, have a desire to go deeper into your soul's journey,  or have a physical issue that needs tending, participating in a healing session may lead to transformation. Through the Peruvian tradition that I study, the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Cross-Cultural Shamanism (PMT), one may experience amazing change in a short period of time. Encouraging the participant to say thank you to the natural world, can open one's self in miraculous ways. It is an honor to witness what can happen when we ask spirit for assistance. Sessions tend to be 90 minutes long.