PACHAKuti mesa tradition

In Quechua, a language of South America, the word “Pacha”, translates to world, earth, space, realm… sometimes even soil; “Kuti” means turning, churn, movement.  Joined together, these words can be interpreted as “world reversal or churning,” also referring to the time of great transformation that we are currently living.

Powerhouse Education, home of the Ukhu Pacha Healing & Inquiry Space, is currently offering a 15 month apprenticeship starting January 2019. 
Located in Albany, CA, this is a place where one may allow and celebrate change through shamanism.

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At Powerhouse, we believe that there is no greater teacher than the Earth herself. Through our workshops and healing sessions, we integrate urban culture with nature and create earth-honoring rituals and ceremony that balance us in the ever-shifting climate. These powerful rituals incite heart experiences that lead to a greater sense of wholeness. This is what changes the world and through our programs we cultivate a deeper reverence for the planet so each person may experience this for his/herself.

Munay (Love) is the greatest transformational power. Community ritual and the simple act of saying, "Thank You", cultivates a kinder and more expansive heart.
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SHAMANIC Healing Sessions 

If you are out of balance, struggle with addiction,  desire to go deeper into your soul's journey,  or have a physical issue that needs tending, participating in a healing session may be of great assistance.

Acting as curandero (healer) through the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT), Jnana Gowan helps people to experience amazing and profound change in a short period of time. Encouraging the participant to say thank you to the natural world, can open one's self in miraculous ways. It is an honor to witness what can happen when one asks spirit for assistance. Sessions tend to be 90 to 120 minutes long.
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What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is not a religion. It is a spiritual practice grounded in a deep and loving relationship with Pachamama (Mother Earth) and ones relations that are both seen and unseen. A shaman is a person who develops a personal and intimate relationship with the unseen world of energies for the purpose of being of service to the people in their family or community. this relationship is developed over time through ritual ceremony and visionary journeys.