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Richmond, CA (non-residential) The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition-5 Part Series Apprenticeship

  • Richmond location Richmond, CA, 94805 United States (map)

Location: Richmond, Ca (in the hills, facing Wildcat Canyon - address given upon registration)

Part I     The Call to Heal - Releasing the Past, Feb. 15-17, 2019
Part II    The Balance of Power - Transforming the Present, June 28-30, 2019
Part III   Condor's Quest - Creating the Future, Sept. 13-15, 2019
Part IV   The Hummingbird's Assent - Living the Mystery, Jan. 17-19 2020
Part V    Our Shamanic Self - Serving the Earth, May 15-17, 2020

Consisting of five weekend intensives, this is an apprenticeship into a living lineage of Peruvian Shamanism.  Part I is open to all those wishing to deepen their connection to Spirit and the animate universe, no prior experience is necessary. Parts II-V, build upon the teachings and initiations received in the prior weekends, which are prerequisite. If you missed Part I but are still interested in attending, please contact us, as we putting together make-up sessions.

This program has been carefully crafted to offer people from all walks of life a heartfelt initiation into the healing power and earth honoring ceremonial artistry of Peruvian mesa lineages.

Cost:  Tuition for each series, Part I, II, III, IV, V $333-495, sliding scale
(If paying online, a 3% service fee will be assessed to total payment)

ROOM FOR ONE MORE - still taking Registration and payment Call now to get the last seat!! 501-734-4122

Apprenticeship hours for each weekend:
Friday,  7:00 p.m. - 10 p.m.                           
Saturday, 9:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Sunday, 9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Lead by: Jnana Gowan; sanctioned teacher of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of cross-cultural shamanism

More about this training:
This apprenticeship series, called The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition: Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts for Personal and Planetary Renewal involves hands-on practice and initiation. The PMT is a profound yet practical, user friendly, living shamanic tradition dedicated to both personal and planetary healing. Through this apprenticeship, one's own innate healing and spiritual potential is awakened. The apprenticeship revolves around the creation of a mesa, a shamanically empowered altar, unique to you, yet following the traditional, ancient Andean template. The mesa provides a living, vibrational technology of the sacred from which you may draw upon and apply a a vast array of shamanic healing modalities and capacities that have come down to you from over at least three millennia.

Each initiate guided toward a re-membering of who each of us is, as a living strand of sacred luminosity in the great Web of Life. The PMT is designed and empowered to promote the transformation of consciousness for those who choose to engage it, thus opening the way for the continued life and health of all sentient beings. The Heart of the Healer Foundation, the sponsoring organization, is dedicated to education about and sustaining all those indigenous peoples and practices that still remain on our planet. 

Instructor Bio for this transformational program:    

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Jnana Gowan: As the director of the Ukhu Pacha Healing and Inquiry Space in Albany, California, Janna has a private practice and leads transformational programs which combine her depth of knowledge of yoga, ritual, ceremony and healing. A PMT mesa carrier since 2008 and a teacher of many things since 2000, she's completed the 5-Part Series (twice).