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Residential Retreat: Marin County-Pachakuti Mesa Tradition 15-Month 5-Part Series

  • SPIRIT HOUSE WOODACRE, CA, United States (map)

“When you engage in the shamanic arts, the magic begins in a deep and real way; the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition is the best, most loving and efficient means to powerful and rich transformation. By participating in this tradition, with a shamanically empowered altar, your connection to the natural world is intensified and a vast portal is opened.  The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition offers the opportunity to awaken from a deep sleep. This slumber is brought on by both the demands of hectic modern times and the collective memory loss of who we really are: earth-honoring humans that perform rituals of sacred reciprocity with the natural world. Once you come back to this understanding, you may find balance and internal harmony. With the simple tools and practices of this tradition, you’re invited to*re-member (as Oscar will often say) who you’ve always been.  And this re-membering can become your daily practice.”                        

Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT) 5-Part Apprenticeship begins January 25, 2019 at Spirit House Retreat Space in Woodacre, California. Just a $100 deposit holds your space, and monthly payment modalities are available (see below).

In Quechua, (one of the languages of the Andean Regions in South America) the word pacha translates to earth, world and even soil and the word kuti translates to turning, churning and reversal and sopachakuti means world reversal or turning. Thirty years ago, don Oscar Miro-quesada brought together the two rivers of his 17- year apprenticeships with his two teachers. (don Selso Roja Palamino of the North Coast of Peru & don Vargas Coriharmaun Benito of the Andean mountains of the Cusco region). In Oscar’s visioning these two rivers of knowledge came together as one, and he consecrated the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT). In Oscar’s vista (deep visioning) he could see, as prophesied by many – the vast planetary changes coming our way.

We are at a time of great turning and churning, have you noticed? How is this change infiltrating into your life?  What tools are you using to assist in staying steady during these times? Do you find you are knocked off balance by the uncertainty that we are facing? Many folks may feel numbed out by all the social media & technology or experience this intensity as a blanket of heaviness that feels like a dense weight. If it feels intense, it’s because it is. As a Sanctioned Teacher for the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, instructor Jnana Gowan believes it is her duty to be of service and assist others in finding ways to navigate these wild waters of change.

There is still time to join this retreat. We Began in January 25 of 2019 and immersed into the PMT 5-Part Apprenticeship Series. Offered in a full, rich retreat setting, in sacred circle with others, you may explore the living lineage of the teachings that don Oscar was asked to pass along to other earth walking seekers. These teachings are transmitted to those that desire a deeper connection to self and to the planet, to those that have a desire to be of service to others and to be a spokesperson for our beautiful planet earth, our pachamama.

Consisting of five weekend intensives, over the course of 15 months, this apprenticeship will lead you through a living lineage of Peruvian Shamanism. Part I is open to anyone wishing to deepen their connection to Spirit and animate universe and no prior experience is necessary.

Parts II - V build upon the teachings and initiations received in the prior weekends, which are prerequisite. This program has been carefully crafted to offer people from all walks of life a heartfelt initiation into the healing power and earth honoring ceremonial artistry of Peruvian mesa lineages.

By embarking upon this 15-month apprenticeship, you will engage in ancient teachings & transmissions not only from the PMT, but also from the natural world and from your own Pachakuti Mesa. Things may accelerate as you step into this powerful shamanic path because when a group of people join forces to create change – it can happen.

That is why the retreat setting is so important, appropriately named, Spirit House. The space, located in Woodacre, California, provides a supportive and pristine container for this powerful growth work.  And though you will feel a million miles from it all, Spirit House is only 25 minutes from San Rafael and 1.25 hours from both San Francisco & Berkeley.

The sacred space of Spirit House offers:
·     A dedicated mesa lodge
·     A community kitchen & dining space
·     A hot tub and a deck space for rest
·     A sauna for purification,
·     Tasteful shared housing as sleeping quarters
·     Hiking trails out the front door
·     Early check-in on Friday - 2:00
·     Late check out Sunday - 5:00

Approximately 18-20 hours of class time:                                                                                    *Friday 7:00 - 10:00 p.m.                                                                                                           *Saturday 9:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.                                                                                                 *Sunday 9:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.                                                                                                       *please note: times will vary slightly based on retreat curriculum for that weekend

This retreat will offer partial meals: 
·     Dinner consisting of vegetarian soup and light fare Friday & Saturday .
·     Breakfast Saturday & Sunday of granola, yogurt and fruits & a warm dish

This retreat has an organized potluck - participants asked to bring items to complete the meals. More info upon request. 

Retreat weekend Dates: 
Part I, The Call to Heal (Releasing the Past), January 25-27, 2019 (a make up class can be offered so you may join for PMT II in May— INQUIRE FOR DETAILS!)
Part II, A Balance of Power (Transforming the Present), May 17-19, 2019
Part III, The Condor's Quest (Creating the Future), Aug 23-25, 2019
Part IV, The Hummingbird's Ascent (Living the Mystery), November 8-10, 2019
Part V, Our Shamanic Self (Serving the Earth), March 20-22, 2020

Each weekend: $550-$850 sliding scale
Includes a simple, partial meal program, and light snacks. Participants are designated a food item to bring to complete meals plans .

See “Add to Cart” below for Payment Scale

To hold your space, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the weekend intensive (Dec. 26). For PMT II through PMT V, an ongoing monthly payment program will be in place for each participant, based on their sliding scale rate.

Please contact Jnana at or (510)734-4122 with questions, to register and make your deposit, or to get on the mailing list.

More information about the apprenticeship:

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Instructor, Jnana Gowan: As the director of the Ukhu Pacha Healing and Inquiry Space in Albany, California. Jnana has a private practice and leads transformational programs which combine her depth of knowledge of yoga, ritual, ceremony and healing. A PMT mesa carrier since 2008 and a teacher (of many sorts) since 2000, she's completed the 5-Part Series. (twice)  She has been teaching the PMT 5-Part Series since 2016. Jnana has attended numerous ceremonial events with originator of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, don Oscar Miro-Quesada. In addition, she has gleaned deep teachings from her apprenticeship-work with author and healer, Mateo Magee.

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