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WAKE UP!! Shamanic Journeying & Healing in Turbulent Times

  • Ukhu Pacha Healing and Inquiry Space 1501 Washington Avenue Albany, CA 94706 (map)



( Bring your mat/blanket/eye pillow for journey work.)

All levels welcome - those that are new to this kind of work to seasoned practitioner.

Feeling despair, overwhelmed, off your center? This event provides a powerful prescription to keep yourself rooted and grounded.

This is event is happening- take care of yourself with all the smoke---however, now, more than ever we MUST dig deep and do our work.

Come together in a sacred circle with strong prayers of change, support and courage.

These are wild and turbulent times, we are asked to sit up, be strong, assist others. These events are healing circles as well as shamanic journeying and are designed to help us stay steady. We are moving into the darkness of winter with a veil of smoke - join us to imbibe in the sustenance of this soul-work.

Join us as we journey to the lower world (also known as the Ukhu Pacha) and dive into the interior realms, asking spirit for help. Journeying to the Ukhu Pacha offers the opportunity to integrate aspects of the self that have been fragmented, for whatever reason, and to welcome these fragments back.

When experiencing this kind of process, the participant may experience a greater sense of wholeness. Now - more than ever - we need to come into wholeness so we may be strong for ourselves and community. The best way to be there for others is do your your healing, your own spiritual work. So come on.

The evening includes Pachakuti Mesa as the container for the work. This mesa is a shamnically empowered altar - with a living lineage, deriving from Peru. This altar anchors the journey in sacred space and safety. We will open the mesa and perform limpias (or ritual cleansing acts) on one another. These ritual cleansings (with the use of Peruvian Florida water & rattles) ensure that we will travel to the underworld as our truest selves, leaving behind hucha (dense, heavy energies) so the travels may be clean and clear.

WHERE: Ukhu Pacha Healing & Inquiry - located 1501 Washington Ave. Albany Ca 94706

WHEN: Sunday Nov 18 7:30-9:30

COST: $15-$25 – donation please

Jnana Gowan, Sanctioned Teacher of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT) and Pachakuti Mesa Tradition carrier, Ceremonialist, Transformational Worker will guide this evenings event. The journey itself will be guided (initially) by voice to the underworld and will include live drumming.

Jnana's healing space is in Albany CA and she is available for private healing sessions and teachings on the PMT.

more on Jnana: (

What to bring:

- If you have a medicine piece that signifies your relationship to the lower-world

- a rattle that you are connected with (there will be extra on sight if you do not have one)

- an open heart and mind

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