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Energetic Protection! Creating a Shamanically Empowered Talisman

resguardo (pronounced res-wahr-doe) is a shamanically empowered protective talisman that is simple to make. This powerful object is infused with prayers of protection and the support of the natural world. Wearing this small bundle will assist in protecting you from absorbing other people’s energy.

 The resguardo “recipe” comes from a Peruvian tradition and calls for a few simple items. These items are prayerfully conjoined and once completed, the item is to be worn on the right side of the body, either in a pocket or a pouch.  When worn in this way, it will protect the wearer from many types of energetic “dano” (literally “damage”). When not wearing it for protection, it should be kept on the left side of a mesa, altar or in a place of spiritual significance.

 All items will be provided to create this small power-object, but if you are able to bring a piece of your power animal with you (for example, a feather, bit of fur, a tooth or bone (small piece), please do.

Often these items are not readily available, so sometimes we must improvise. Also, the leader of the class, Jnana Gowan, has a collection of items, so contact her to see if she has bit of what you seek. Otherwise – we can imagine it – and use that intention in the bundle.

 This workshop recruits the assistance of the Pachakuti Mesa – a shamanically charged altar. You may bring an item to put on the mesa if you like – and take it home super-charged.


RSVP: or call: 510-734-4122 Thank you for your kind understanding - we need to prep for items that will be supplied for participants.

When: Saturday April 27, 11:00- 1:00 Where: Ukhu Pacha Healing & Inquiry – 1501 Washington Ave. Albany CA 94706 Cost: $20-$45 sliding scale


Lead by Jnana Gowan – Sanctioned Teacher of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, Ceremonialist & healer. More about Jnana: