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Born To Drum - Women's Drum Camp

I am thrilled to be asked back to this powerful 4 day event! I will offer a despacho ceremony after the opening ceremony on Thursday July 19---- and Saturday July 21st we'll start the day with a gong journey to the upper realms.

You may go for 4 days and camp - or participate in day rate and attend one day only.

Any level of drummer/percussionist/singer - from brand new to maestra welcome at this amazing event of women drummers form all over the world. AND soak in the depths of nature.... 

HERE is all you need to know:



COME CAMP OUT OR JOIN US FOR THE DAY: Born to Drum was birthed as a reunion of women drummers from all over the world. This will be the 12th year that we gather to celebrate our many cultures. We come together in community to drum, to share music, art, camaraderie, our stories, healing and women’s medicine with each other. Join us!

In addition to our Maestra drummers, we have many non-drumming Classes! We welcome women to come who don't want to drum or drum all day! These classes include: hands on healing circles, poetry writing, the Mother Peace tarot cards, spirit-sound meditation, grandmother’s council circle, social justice, alliance building, breema meditation, herbal medicine, Pachamama offerings, yoga, sign language, embodied movement, dance classes, singing classes and more.

Also, we are starting a Youth Camp this summer! We will have a kids canopy, play items, and activities for our children at camp. Bring your kids! Boys are welcome – 10 years old and under.

AND …ONCE AGAIN we have invited an incredible faculty to participate this summer! All of these women are Maestra drummers, dancers, musicians, artists, writers and healers from ALL OVER THE WORLD: Congo, Ghana, Peru, Panama, Nicaragua, Harlem, France, Jamaica, US, Native American, African American, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Middle East, West Africa, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and more.

The full Faculty List is: Edwina Lee Tyler, Bobi Céspedes, Mabiba Baegne, Annette Aguilar, Peta Robles, Christelle Durandy, April Lea Go Forth, Adwoa Kudoto, Sheree Seretse, Shakti Butler, Afia Walking Tree, Amidaeyla, Angela Porter, Arisika Razak, Avotcja, Ayisha Knight-Shaw, Carolyn Brandy, Christina Tavera, Corrina Gould, Debbie Fier, Denis Solis, Elizabeth Sayre, Jennifer Berezan, Jeni Swerdlow, Jnana Gowan, Julia C. Cepeda, Kanchan Dawn Hunter, Lali Mejia, Larissa Montfort, Michaelle Goerlitz, Neena McNair, NIkki Campbell, Odilia Galván RodrÍguez, Ouida Lewis, Regina Wells, Sena Kugbega, Sue Kaye, Susana Arenas Pedroso, Susu Pampanin, Q Wilson, Queen Hollins, Fatima Lahlou, Vicki Noble, and more… WOW!