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Shine Like the Sun- Summer Solstice Healing Special

Join me at the Ukhu Pacha Healing & Inquiry Space for a Solstice Healing Session and Energy Infusion.

This session consists of sitting at a Pachakuti Mesa (a shamanically empowered altar that has special items placed in specific locations)

This Peruvian tradition – originated by Maestro don Oscar Miro-Quesada – offers you a direct experience to go deeper with yourself with the assistance of the natural world.

The Solstice Special includes a series of limpias - simple processes that assist in removing heavy dense energy that may bog you down, create imbalance and/or dis-harmony.  In addition to the limpias, you will receive a hands on healing – infusing your entire being with spiritual energy.

After the session, you may feel relaxed and lighter…sometimes the session may be energizing, yet sometimes, it may make you feel like taking a nap! These simple sessions assit you in slowing down, connecting to your higher self and allows healing to occur.  

Prior to the appointment, you may want to begin to focus on your intention for the session; creating an intention can be very powerful as we bring our attention to the areas we’d like to work on or change. In addition to intention, you may want to ask yourself what you’d like to cultivate in your life or what you are ready to fully release. 

Also, it is helpful to ask:  What do I want? What brings joy? Where is the energy?              With that said, you may wish to stay open and see what is presented in the moment. 

Lastly, you may bring an item that has deep meaning to charge on the mesa to during our session; a stone, photo, necklace, etc., anything that has meaning/vibration for you, You can bring more than one item - yet, you do not have to bring anything if not called to do so.

The Solstice Special is offered in a 60-minute period and will give you a sense of the deep transformation you may experience from the shamnically empowered Pachakuti Mesa work. If you have a desire for a longer, more in depth session, please inquire about this offering.

Contact Jnana today for your Solstice Special – so you may shine like the sun this summer!!

When:  June 23-29 - days and evenings available                                                                Where  Ukhu Pacha Healing & Inquiry Space, 1501 Washington Ave. Albany, CA 94704       Cost: $40-$60                                   

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