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Exposing & Embracing Addiction - free online series

I am honored to be a part of this FREE online series.....please pass along to any friends or family that may be struggling with addiction:

If you are someone who struggles with unbalanced relationships to drugs and alcohol, you probably know all about the “Secrecy and Shame Spiral”: you drink, you feel ashamed for drinking, so you hide it, which makes you self-loathe, which makes you drink more. It’s a dark, scary place … and you may be there right now, longing for something better for yourself, but not knowing where to turn for help. If you are, THIS is where you turn! Join me and over 21 experts in the field of addiction and recovery beginning February 26, 2018, for How to Overcome Secrecy and Shame and Live with Freedom and Self-Love, a complimentary interview series hosted by my friend Beth Osmer—recovering addict and alcoholic, hypnotherapist, and Shamanic practitioner. Reserve your spot here, now, at no cost: