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Full Moon Drum Journey & Healing Work

  • Ukhu Pacha Healing and Inquiry Space 1501 Washington Avenue Albany, CA 94706 (map)


PLEASE NOTE: Bring a mat, blanket, eye pillow etc... to journey with

We'll still be in the window of the powerful energies of the full moon/lunar eclipse of Friday the 27th. Join us as we reap the benefit of insight given to us by our beautiful Mother Moon, Mama KIlla.

Shining our light from within, as the blood moon goes red (not seen, but felt! in N. America)...the energy from the eclipse may catapult us if we focus our intention. This is the time to state your intentions and create deep space for your personal growth work.

The journey will be guided (initially) by voice to the underworld and will include live drumming.

The evening will include the use of the Pachakuti Mesa as the container for the work, anchoring the journey in sacred space and safety. We will open the mesa and perform limpias (or ritual cleansing acts) on one another. By doing this ritual cleansing (with the use of Peruvian Florida water, smoke & rattles) we will travel to the underworld as our truest selves, leaving behind hucha (dense, heavy energies) so the travels may be clean and clear.

All levels welcome - those that are new to this kind of work to seasoned practitioner.

This info from the Power Path School of Shamanism's regarding the eclipse:

"Even if we cannot see the eclipse in North America where it will be daytime, our ceremonies and meditations will be infused with its energy. Imagine pulling the eclipse energy through the Earth and into your prayers. We in North America will hold the solar/Sun pole aligned with the North Node, the edgy point of growth. (The exact time is 2:20 Mountain Stand Time.) With the North Node and the Sun, we can radiate healing energy and the energy of peace to that part of the world experiencing the darkening of the lunar light at eclipse. The portal opens. With the Full Moon in Aquarius, we can envision our dream for the well being of all humanity, we can love our sacred planet through the fiery heart of the Leo Sun, we can look beyond the dark, shadowy current times of the Kali Yuga to a time of cohesion and rebirth, and we can invite in the positive pole of the masculine awakened by Mars’ journey out of bounds of the structure of the solar system. Here is the portal for gestation of creative births to come, awakening hearts, and powerful personal expression."

Let us ride the cosmic waves of the eclipse and create the change we most want, even if it is slightly uncomfortable.

What to bring:

- If you have a medicine piece that signifies your relationship to the lower-world
- a rattle if you have one
- an open heart and mind
- $15-$25 – donation please

About the Leader of this event: Jnana Gowan is a Sanctioned Teacher of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition & Mesa carrier, Ceremonialist & Transformational Worker.

Her healing space, The Ukhu Pacha Healing & Inquiry Space is in Albany, CA. More on Jnana: (

More about journey work and the event:

Shamanic work is a powerful prescription to keeping yourself rooted and grounded -it assists in allowing the wild to come through without taking over. Join us as we journey to the lower world (also known as the Ukhu Pacha) to dive into the interior realms and ask spirit for help as as we encounter the general chaos we are experiencing currently in our world.

Journeying to the Ukhu Pacha offers the opportunity to integrate aspects of the self that have been fragmented, for whatever reason, and to welcome these fragments back. By doing this work, the participant may experience a greater sense of wholeness.

Besides this experience, you may ask for medicine gifts or be open to an initiation of some kind.

Refund Policy:
Cancellation without penalty up until 7 days prior to the event. Six days or less, refunds are as follows:
     -  1 week prior: 50% Refund (or full credit to a future class/event, less $10 cancellation fee)
      -   48 hours  or less from event start time: NO Refund
                                                                                                                                                         The only exception to this policy, (on a case by case basis) is for Medical Emergency or Family Trauma, and might require written proof.

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