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Post-New Moon Gong Journey & Healing Work

  • Ukhua Pacha Healing & Inquiry Space 1501 Washington Avenue Albany, CA 94706 (map)

Join us this month to journey a bit after the New Moon and still feel her effects of dark illumination. The moon presents herself as a sliver in the sky and we continue to be in a time of darkness. It is from this dark - the composting and transmutation may occur, and it is an ideal time to sew seeds of inspiration.

What do you want right now? What will assist you along your path?

Let’s use this sacred time to cultivate & fertilize new ideas & new ways of being. For this journey work, we intend to travel to the Hanaq Pacha to ask for guidance from our high teacher(s) of the superior realm; to commune with the stars and/or be gifted a medicine teaching from the illuminated celestial beings. In addition to this support, we simultaneously benefit from the vibrational frequencies being offered by the 30" gong. 

PLEASE NOTE:  bring a pad, blanket, eye pillow for journey & a special item/arte to charge on the mesa                                              

All levels are welcome, new comers and long-time journeyers alike.

The evening will include the use of the Pachakuti Mesa as the container for the work, anchoring the journey in sacred space and safety. We will open the mesa and perform limpias (or ritual cleansing acts) on one another. By doing this ritual cleansing (with the use of Peruvian Florida water, smoke and rattles), we will travel as our truest selves, leaving behind hucha (dense, heavy energies), so the travels may be clean and clear.

Jnana Gowan, a sanctioned teacher and graduate of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT) Apprenticeship Program and PMT carrier, will guide the journey. The journey itself will be guided (initially) by voice and will include an awesome vibrational gong bath.

All are welcome, newcomers and long-time journeyers alike.

It is an honor to host this shamanic practice with the aide of the Pachakuti Mesa; it provides a profound container for this soul-nourishing work.

When:    Saturday May 19 - 7:00-9:00 p.m.                                                                    

Where:  Ukhu Pacha Healing & Inquiry Space -                                                                           St. Alban's Parish Hall 1501 Washington Ave. Albany, CA 94706

What to bring:

  • a pad/mat, eye pillow, blanket to lay on
  • a medicine piece or sacred item that you like to energy infuse on the shamanically charged altar
  • a bell, singing bowl or rattle, etc.
  • an open heart and mind

Cost: Sliding scale $15-$25

Location: Ukhu Pacha Healing & Inquiry Space, 1501 Washington Avenue, Albany, CA 94706
We are now in the Parish Hall
*PLEASE NOTE: Washington turns to San Lorenzo, 1 block east

Contact: Jnana Gowan, PMT Sanctioned Teacher and Mesa Carrier

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Sliding Scale:
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