2 October, 2015

Powerhouse Education is pleased to announce

Meetup with Jnana Gowan, October 9, 2014

Join us as we journey to the underworld – also known as the Ukhu Pacha in the Peruvian (and other) traditions.

 It is the light of the conscious mind that illuminates the unconscious; by journeying into the ukhu pacha we awaken more deeply to who we are.

“The Ukhu Pacha is a place one must journey to for maturity and growth to take place . This could be seen as bringing aspects of the unconscious (shadow archetypes) into conscious awareness, bringing healing to conditions of the self that are repressed, and aiding in the development of aspects of the self that are unfinished. It is the place where (ayni) sacred reciprocity has not yet been realized.”  (fr. Matthew Magee’s book, Peruvian Shamanism, The Pachakuti Mesa)

This work encourages you to dive deep into your inner world with the assistance of your animal ally. Journeying to the Ukhu Pacha offers the opportunity to integrate aspects of the self that have been fragmented, for whatever reason, and to welcome these fragments back. By doing this work, the participant may experience a greater sense of wholeness. Besides this experience, you may ask for medicine gifts or be open to an initiation of some kind. Directing your animal ally is beneficial in this way – and we will discuss this more at the Meetup.

The evening will include the use of the Pachakuti Mesa as the container for the work, anchoring the journey in sacred space and safety. We will open the mesa and perform limpias (or ritual cleansing acts) on one another. By doing this ritual cleansing (with the use of Peruvian Florida water, smoke & rattles) we will travel to the underworld as our truest selves, leaving behind hucha (dense, heavy energies) so the travels to the underworld may be clean and clear.

Jnana Gowan, graduate of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT) Apprenticeship Program and Pachakuti Mesa Tradition carrier, will guide the journey. The journey itself will be guided (initially) by voice to the underworld and will include live drumming.

All are welcome, whether you have done this work for years –or it is the first time. 

What to bring:

- If you have a medicine piece that signifies your relationship to the underworld, (or a puru illa)

- a rattle that you are connected with (there will be extra on sight if you do not have one)

- an open heart and mind

-  suggested donation of $10-$20 is greatly appreciated